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Air Filter Plastic Panel type (17220-55A-Z01/ 17220-5R0-008) for Honda

BM UK Part# 170AF-PP10236
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Keep your car running smoothly and efficiently with regular Air Filter maintenance. We recommend changing Air Filter during annual or 12,000-mile service to prevent engine damage caused by dust and debris. We recommend that you check your Air Filter's dimension and shape with the picture and given information to ensure correct fitment.
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Part identification

OEM Part# 17220-55A-Z01/ 17220-5R0-008

BM UK Part# 170AF-PP10236


Outer Dia:  196mm

Height:  50mm

Inner Dia:  147mm



Upgrade your Honda's air filtration system with the Air Filter Plastic Panel type (17220-55A-Z01/17220-5R0-008). Crafted for efficiency and reliability, this air filter ensures your vehicle's engine breathes clean, filtered air, optimizing performance and longevity.


Key Features:


Precise Fit for Honda Models: The Air Filter Plastic Panel type is designed to fit seamlessly into various Honda models, ensuring a precise fit and uncomplicated installation.


Advanced Filtration Technology: Experience superior air filtration with the advanced technology embedded in this filter. It efficiently traps and filters out particles, safeguarding your engine from contaminants.


Plastic Panel Construction: The plastic panel construction adds durability and stability to the filter, ensuring it stands up to the demands of daily driving and various road conditions.


Specifically for Honda CRV: Tailored for Honda CRV models, this air filter is engineered to meet the specific requirements of CRV owners, ensuring optimal engine performance.


Complete Air Filtration System: This product is more than just an air filter; it's an integral part of your Honda's air filtration system, promoting clean airflow and contributing to the overall health of your engine.


Genuine Honda Parts: Bogramotors proudly offers genuine Honda parts, including this Air Filter Plastic Panel type. Trust in the authenticity and quality of the components for your vehicle.


Air Filter Element for Improved Efficiency: The air filter element within this plastic panel type enhances the efficiency of your Honda's engine by providing a clean and consistent air supply.


Ensure your Honda runs at its best with the Air Filter Plastic Panel type. Order now through Bogramotors and benefit from genuine Honda parts designed for reliability and performance. Keep your engine breathing clean with this essential component.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Is the Air Filter Plastic Panel type compatible with all Honda models?

A1: This air filter is designed to fit a range of Honda models, ensuring compatibility for various vehicles. Check the product specifications or contact Bogramotors for model-specific information.


Q2: How often should I replace the Air Filter Honda in my Honda CRV?

A2: It is recommended to replace the air filter regularly, typically every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or as advised in your Honda CRV's maintenance manual. Regular replacement ensures optimal engine performance.


Q3: What sets the Honda Air Filter Panel apart from other types?

A3: The Honda Air Filter Panel is a plastic panel type, offering durability and stability. Its design and construction contribute to efficient air filtration, promoting clean airflow to the engine.


Q4: Is the Air Filter Element Honda a separate component in this filter?

A4: Yes, the air filter element is an integral part of the Air Filter Plastic Panel type. It enhances the efficiency of your Honda's engine by providing a clean and consistent air supply.


Q5: Are these Genuine Honda Parts Air Filter available at Bogramotors authentic?

A6: Absolutely! Bogramotors takes pride in offering genuine Honda parts, including the Air Filter Plastic Panel type. You can trust the authenticity and quality of the components for your vehicle.


Q7: Can I install the Plastic Panel Air Filter myself, or should I seek professional help?

A7: While some may choose to install it themselves, it's recommended to follow your vehicle's manual or seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

Used in
  • Honda
  • HR-V, Jazz
Other Specifications
  • 1.5 L, 1.3 L
  • 2015-2020, 2015-2022

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