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Air Filter Polyurethane type (13 71 7 811 026) for Mercedes-Benz

BM UK Part# 160AF-PP10249
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Keep your car running smoothly and efficiently with regular Air Filter maintenance. We recommend changing Air Filter during annual or 12,000-mile service to prevent engine damage caused by dust and debris. We recommend that you check your Air Filter's dimension and shape with the picture and given information to ensure correct fitment
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Part identification

OEM Part# 13 71 7 811 026

BM UK Part# 160AF-PP10249


Outer Dia:  355mm

Height:  110mm

Inner Dia:  263/295mm

Used in
  • BMW
  • X3, X5, X6
Other Specifications
  • 2.0 L, 3.0 L
  • 2010-2014, 2013-2022

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