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Oil Filter Eco-Plastic Cap type (06K 115 466) for VW

BM UK Part# 44OF-EC10117
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Improve your VW's engine's protection with the Volkswagen Oil Filter (Part Number: 06K 115 466). Tailored Oil filter for MK6 GTI, VW Tiguan, Golf, Polo, MK5 GTI, Passat, UP, and more, it ensures a perfect fit and optimal filtration. Featuring advanced technology, it efficiently captures contaminants, promoting clean oil circulation and enhancing engine performance. Easy to install and designed for single-use, this oil filter extends engine life and protects against wear. Choose reliability and precision—choose the Volkswagen Oil Filter for a superior driving experience.
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Part identification

OEM Part# 06K 115 466

BM UK Part# 44OF-EC10117


Outer Dia:  52mm

Height:  112mm

Inner Dia:  25mm


Welcome to the next level of engine protection with our Volkswagen Oil Filter (Part Number: 06K 115 466). Engineered to perfection, this oil filter is your gateway to peak performance and longevity for your VW. Whether you own a MK6 GTI, VW Tiguan, VW Golf, VW Polo, MK5 GTI, VW Passat, or VW UP, this filter is designed to cater to your specific needs.


Key Features:

Volkswagen Precision: Optimize your driving experience with a filter tailored to meet the exact specifications of Volkswagen. Our oil filter ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your VW.

Versatile Compatibility: From the sporty MK6 GTI to the reliable VW Passat, our oil filter is compatible with a range of VW models, including the VW Tiguan, VW Golf, VW Polo, MK5 GTI, and VW UP. Experience the same high-quality filtration across various VW vehicles.

Advanced Filtration Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with our oil filter's cutting-edge technology. It efficiently traps contaminants, ensuring that only clean oil circulates through your engine. This advanced filtration process promotes optimal engine performance.

Long-lasting Engine Protection: Guard your engine against wear and tear with our Volkswagen Oil Filter. Extend the life of your engine by investing in a filter that goes above and beyond industry standards, providing a protective barrier against impurities.


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Why Choose Our Volkswagen Oil Filter?

  • Unmatched Precision: Engineered to meet Volkswagen's exacting standards.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: Compatible oil filter with a variety of VW models.
  • Advanced Filtration: Utilizes cutting-edge technology for superior performance.
  • Extended Engine Life: Protect your investment with top-tier filtration.




Is the Volkswagen Oil Filter compatible with my specific VW model?

- Yes, our oil filter (Part Number: 06K 115 466) is designed to be compatible with a range of VW models, including MK6 GTI, VW Tiguan, VW Golf, VW Polo, MK5 GTI, VW Passat, VW UP, and more. Please refer to your vehicle's manual for model-specific compatibility.


How often should I replace the Volkswagen Oil Filter?

 - The replacement interval can vary based on driving conditions and manufacturer recommendations. Generally, it is advisable to replace the oil filter during every oil change. Refer to your VW's manual for specific guidelines on oil change intervals and filter replacement.


Can I install the Volkswagen Oil Filter myself, or should I have it done by a professional?

- The Volkswagen Oil Filter is designed for easy installation, and many vehicle owners choose to replace it themselves. However, if you are not comfortable with DIY maintenance, it's always a good idea to have a qualified professional handle the installation.


Is the oil filter reusable, or is it a one-time use product?

- The Volkswagen Oil Filter is designed for single-use and should be replaced during each oil change. Reusing filters may compromise their effectiveness in trapping contaminants, potentially impacting engine performance.


Can the Volkswagen Oil Filter be used with synthetic oils?

- Yes, our oil filter is compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils. It is designed to perform effectively with a variety of oil types to meet your vehicle's specific needs.

Used in
  • Volkswagen
  • Beetle, Golf, Passat, Polo Hatchback, Tiguan
Other Specifications
  • 1.8 L, 2.0 L
  • 2015-2022, 2016-2022, 2013-2022

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