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Oil Filter Eco-Plastic cap type (16 106 937 80 /SU001-A3092) for Citroen

BM UK Part# 88OF-EC10133
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Improve your Citroen's performance with our premium Oil Filter collection. Designed for models like the Citroen C1,C2, C3,DS3and many models, our filters ensure precise filtration, protecting your engine from contaminants. With easy installation and compatibility across various Citroen models, enjoy a smoother ride and increased fuel efficiency. Trust in our precision engineering to enhance your driving experience. Order now for optimal engine health and longevity.
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Part identification

OEM Part# 16 106 937 80 /SU001-A3092

BM UK Part# 88OF-EC10133


Outer Dia:  72mm

Height:  99mm

Inner Dia:  30mm


Maximize your Citroen's performance with our premium Oil Filter, meticulously designed to elevate your driving experience. Specially crafted Oil filter for Citroen C3, C3 Aircross, C3 Picasso, C4, C4 cactus, C4 Grand Picasso, DS3, DS4, DS5 models.

Experience the full potential of your Citroen C3 with our Citroen C3 Oil Filter. Engineered with precision, it guarantees superior filtration, keeping harmful contaminants at bay and safeguarding your engine from wear and tear. Say goodbye to the worries of impurities affecting your Citroen's performance.

Designed for seamless compatibility, the Citroen DS3 Oil Filter is the epitome of reliability. Its strategic placement ensures efficient filtration, enhancing the overall efficiency of your vehicle. No more stress about the Citroen DS3 oil filter location – our product is engineered for easy installation and hassle-free maintenance.

This Citroen C1 Oil Filter takes your driving experience to the next level by promoting clean oil circulation. This not only optimizes engine function but also boosts fuel efficiency, putting more miles between fuel stops. Experience a smoother ride and lower maintenance costs with our Citroen C1 Oil Filter.

Our 2CV Oil Filter is a testament to quality and durability. Engineered with longevity in mind, it provides unparalleled protection to your Citroen's engine, ensuring it runs smoothly for miles to come.


Key Features:

Precision Filtration Technology: Our oil filter for Citroen vehicles boasts advanced precision filtration technology, effectively trapping and removing impurities to safeguard your engine from wear and tear. Experience enhanced engine performance and longevity with every drive.


Compatibility Across Citroen Models: Designed to fit seamlessly into various Citroen models, including the Citroen C1, 2CV, and DS3, our oil filter ensures broad compatibility. No more concerns about compatibility issues – enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a product specifically engineered for your Citroen.


Easy Installation and Maintenance: Say goodbye to complicated installations and maintenance hassles. Our Citroen oil filter is crafted for user-friendly installation, and its strategic design makes maintenance a breeze.




What is the recommended interval for changing the oil filter in a Citroen?

Generally, it's advised to change the oil filter during every oil change. For most Citroen models, this occurs every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Always refer to your vehicle's manual for specific recommendations.


How do I locate the oil filter in my Citroen DS3?

The oil filter in a Citroen DS3 is typically located near the engine. Consult your vehicle manual for precise instructions, or seek professional assistance for accurate guidance.


Is the Citroen C1 oil filter compatible with other Citroen models?

While the Citroen C1 oil filter is specifically designed for the C1 model, it may also be compatible with certain other Citroen models. Confirm compatibility with your vehicle or consult a professional for guidance.


Can I install the Citroen 2CV oil filter myself?

Yes, the Citroen 2CV oil filter is designed for easy installation. However, if you are unsure or uncomfortable with the process, it's recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation.


What are the benefits of using a premium oil filter in my Citroen C3?

A premium oil filter for the Citroen C3 ensures superior filtration, protecting your engine from contaminants. This leads to improved engine performance, fuel efficiency, and an extended engine lifespan.

Used in
  • Citroen
  • C3, C3 Aircross, C3 Picasso, C4, C4 cactus, C4 Grand Picasso, DS3, DS4, DS5
Other Specifications
  • 1.6 L
  • 2015-2018, 2013-2022, 2010-2022

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