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Oil Filter Plastic Cap type (1 303 476 /1 373 069) for Ford

BM UK Part# 33OF-EC10128
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Improve the performance of your Ford in the UK with our genuine Ford oil filters.. Crafted for models like Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, Kuga, and Transit, our filters ensure precise compatibility and optimal engine protection. Available at authorized dealerships and reputable retailers, these filters guarantee authenticity. Change them during routine oil maintenance every 10,000 to 15,000 miles for peak performance. Trust genuine Ford quality to safeguard your engine against wear and maintain efficiency on UK roads.
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Part identification

OEM Part# 1 303 476 /1 373 069

BM UK Part# 33OF-EC10128


Outer Dia:  65mm

Height:  70mm

Inner Dia:  24mm


Our comprehensive range of Ford Oil Filters puts you at the forefront of engine protection.Designed to cater to the distinct needs of various Ford models, including C-Max, Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, and Transit, our oil filters ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity for your vehicle. Whether you're driving a Ford Fiesta, Focus, Ranger, Transit, Fusion, Focus ST, Ecosport, or Mondeo, our filters are meticulously crafted to provide top-tier filtration and safeguard your engine against wear and tear.


Key Features:


Model-Specific Precision: Our Ford Oil Filters are engineered for precision, offering a model-specific fit for Ford C-Max, Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo Oil filters. This ensures that your oil filter seamlessly integrates with the intricacies of your Ford vehicle, providing unparalleled performance.

Advanced Filtration Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge filtration technology, our oil filters go beyond industry standards. They efficiently trap contaminants, preventing them from circulating in your engine. This advanced filtration process guarantees clean oil circulation, promoting optimal engine health and longevity.

Compatibility Across Models: Whether you own a Ford Fiesta, Focus, Ranger, Transit, Fusion, Focus ST, Ecosport, or Mondeo, our oil filters cater to a wide range of Ford vehicles. This versatility allows you to trust in a single product for your entire Ford fleet.

Year-Specific Options: Recognizing the diverse needs of Ford owners, our filters are designed for various model years. This includes Ford 2012, 2013, and 2018, ensuring compatibility with different models and their specific oil filtration requirements.


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Why Choose Our Ford Oil Filters?

Model-Specific Fit: Engineered for various Ford models, our filters ensure a perfect fit for C-Max, Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, and Transit.

Enhanced Filtration: Our filters employ advanced technology for efficient contaminant trapping, maintaining clean oil circulation and enhancing overall engine health.

Compatibility Across Years:Designed for specific model years, including 2012, 2013, and 2018, our filters adapt to the evolving needs of your Ford vehicle.

Comprehensive Protection: Guard your engine against wear and maintain peak performance with our reliable and precision-engineered Ford Oil Filters.

Don't compromise on your Ford's performance and longevity. Choose the reliability and precision of our Ford Oil Filters. Elevate your driving experience – order now for superior engine protection and peace of mind on the road.



Which Ford models are compatible with the recommended oil filter in the UK?

The compatibility of Ford oil filters can vary across models. Refer to your vehicle's manual or use online resources specific to the UK market to determine the recommended oil filter for your Ford model. Common models include Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, Kuga, Transit, and more.


Where can I purchase genuine Ford oil filters in the UK?

Genuine Ford oil filters are available at authorized Ford dealerships, as well as reputable auto parts stores and online retailers in the UK. It's crucial to ensure that you purchase filters from trusted sources to guarantee authenticity and quality.


How often should I change the oil filter in my Ford vehicle in the UK?

The recommended oil filter change interval can vary based on your specific Ford model and the type of driving conditions you encounter. As a general guideline, it's advisable to change the oil filter during each oil change, typically every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Always refer to your vehicle's manual for precise recommendations.


Can I use aftermarket oil filters for my Ford in the UK?

While aftermarket filters may be compatible, it's recommended to use genuine Ford oil filters for optimal performance and engine protection. Genuine filters are designed to meet Ford's specific standards and provide the best fit and filtration for your vehicle. Using aftermarket filters may void certain warranties.


Is it necessary to use synthetic oil with Ford oil filters in the UK?

Ford oil filters are designed to work with both conventional and synthetic oils. The choice between conventional and synthetic oil depends on your driving habits and the specific requirements outlined in your Ford vehicle's manual. Always follow manufacturer recommendations for oil type and change intervals for the best results.

Used in
  • Ford
  • C-Max, Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, Transit, Transit Custom
Other Specifications
  • 2.0 L, 2.2 L
  • 2005-2014, 2008-2014, 2007-2014

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